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[S1E7] Welcome To The Barbershop

Dave enters the barbershop and quickly becomes the sage one. He playfully accepts the jokes about him, and he fits in. Despite questioning Jeremiah about the authenticity of his products, Dave dispenses small tidbits of wisdom. He voices his opinion on every topic, and it all sounds good. He is an educated, honest guy, unlike Calvin who comes across as a sarcastic loud man.

[S1E7] Welcome to the Barbershop

Dave is also at the barbershop, this time to get his haircut. Calvin is angered how Dave took his seat, how Dave has become the go-to person for advice, and how that advice backfired. Dave tries to apologize, but Calvin dismisses him, telling him to listen more often, and to leave the barbershop.

The Neighborhood ends when Dave introduces Gemma to his newfound friends at the barbershop. Dave and Calvin join up to roast the barber. Good to see the two working together rather than disagreeing. Gemma thanks Jeremiah for the spanx. When he offers her another item, she asks where it came from. She worsens the moment when she assumes it was stolen. Calvin and Dave hustle to clear the air and have her depart the barbershop.

Kiki isn't the only DEA agent at work. Jaime learns from a Mexican pilot named Fredo that the surveillance photos sent to the DEA are over a year old, which Jaime reports to his superiors who don't seem to care. Meanwhile, Knapp and Sears are tracking Cochiloco, a.k.a Crazy Pig. "Disco, whorehouse, barbershop," notes Sears. "Guy's hitting the dirtbag trifecta." They end up getting lucky and follow him to a gathering of Mexico's biggest criminals. 041b061a72


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