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Nfsu2 Profile Creator 1.3 Free Download

=================================================1. Short description:=================================================Tool to create your profile outside game! You can selectfrom all cars, manipulate bank and unlock all parts (bodyparts + widebody kit, performance, graphics, specialties) 1. Start program 2. Type name for new profile 3. Select your car 3. Change bank amount 4. Unlock some partsIf you restart the game, this profile will be shown in thelist of available profiles.=================================================2. Important=================================================You must install Need for Speed Underground 2 first!This program runs under Win2k and XP. For 98/ME youneed VB6 runtime in some cases.=================================================3. Help=================================================For more help (NFSU2) you can visit my girlfriens homepage:****://oksana.atspace.comOr send a mail for technical questions:nfsu2@spoofer.denfsu2@oksana.atspace.comSupported languages: - german - russian - english=================================================4. Deutsche Anmerkung=================================================Wer das Spiel kennt, sollte auch (mit der zugegeben etwasholprig bersetzten) englischen Version dieses Toolszurecht kommen. Ansonsten gilt - kurze Mail gengt.Viel Spa, Walli

nfsu2 profile creator 1.3 free download


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