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LINK Books Written By Neeya Naana Gopinathl

He has written four books. The first was a collection of poems, Theruvellam Devathaigal, and was published in 2007. The second book, Please indha Puthagathai vaangatheengawas based on personality development. The third was a self-motivating and self-analysing book called Neeyum Naanum. Gopinath's fourth book is Ner Ner Thema, a collection of interviews.

LINK Books Written By Neeya Naana Gopinathl

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Am a disciple of Paramahamsa Nithyananda. Earlier there was a debate on our Swamiji and we saw that neeya naana went to the extreme of bringing in people with cooked up stories. A lady with foul mouth was made to sit in supporters side as ex ashrams ashramite. She was made to put self goals on supporters side itself. We all came then itself this is what the inauthenticity of Gopinath and Antony. One thing became very clear after many episodes that this crew is simply anti Hindu. They bring all sorts of beliefs in Hinduism like astrology, festivals, woman empowerment just to malign Hinduism. Happy that atleast now people are realizing their true face.


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