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White Duck At Kalino

Update: I removed the golden and obsidian treat from the goose and duck, because it will turn your animal into a hen. I am not sure how I can change it back so I delete that option. Maybe I can create a treat that change your animal in a duck/goose back but right now its not possible. I really hope you understand that change.

White Duck at Kalino

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Note: For those unfamiliar with Dark Sun, psionics are called the Will for wild talents and the Way for trained psionicists.The group had appeared in the border ethereal of the plane of silt. The paraelemental's silty appendage passed through the ethereal form of Alaxander. They quickly left the border ethereal and entered the deep ethereal. Vashti used her remaining healing magic to heal the group. Kwala was unconscious from the effort of magically transporting them back into the ethereal plane. Jessel believed he would awaken upon returning to the plane of earth. Fearing pursuit, the group decided to fly away from the plane of silt as quickly as possible. Vahti asked eye of earth which way they should go. The eye of earth pointed with its leg, in a direction. The group trusted the eye of earth and began flying deeper into the strange ethereal plane.They flew for a few hours toward, what they hoped was, the plane of earth. Through the swirling mists, Shade saw a point of whiteness that seemed to be growing larger. It was behind them and Shade pointed it out to the group. No one knew what it was, but they assumed it was bad news. They continued flying through the plane as fast as they could, but the whiteness was continuing to grow larger. Whatever it was, they decided that they were not going to outrun it.As they flew, they discussed their problem. They decided they had three choices, continue to try and outrun it and hope they reach the plane of earth before the thing, duck into a random misty curtain, or let the thing encounter them. After a lengthy discussion, with the whiteness growing larger and larger the whole time, they decided to duck into a random misty curtain.Julius decided that he would duck into a misty curtain first and then come back out to report to the group what he found. Everyone agreed, as they had about twenty minutes before the white wall, which they could see was a massive swirling wall of mist, enveloped them. Julius parted the closest misty curtain and went through. 041b061a72


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