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I question is to develop a app like YouTube... It may contain haram as well as halal content... My primary goal is to not develop app like Amazon prime...where only entertainment and haram contents are available... But my goal is to develop a YouTube client that's it... It contains Islam contents; education contents, many useful things too... But it has entertainment too... Will I get punished when someone sees entertainment content from that client app.....


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One thing I can certainly add to this is what happens in the future if you dont get over that haram relationship. I heard about someone I knw that his wife of 5 years left him for someone she liked previous to marriage. So apparently she still kept in contact with him and turned to him during tough times and when she had rough patches in her marriage. The result, shes living with her parents and her husband is going to divorce her.

just stay strong and try not to do haram, it could be hard sometimes even when your in a crazy situation but you have to fight it because shaytaan is whisper chanting to you to do all the haram things. and we just gotta learn to control the emotions thats all 041b061a72


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