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Catalyst By Aurora Crane

The majority of vehicles and heavy equipment are not propelled by the monolithic engines it requires to operate an 18,000-ton tower crane, a 60,000-ton cruise ship or a 220,000-ton cargo ship. Engines of that size burn unfathomable amounts of diesel.

Catalyst by Aurora Crane

Fortunately, fuel catalysts benefit both the environment and the shipping, port, and cruise companies. Indeed, pre-combustion fuel catalysts can reduce fuel consumption by more than 12 percent. A 12 percent reduction in fuel consumption is synonymous with a 12 percent reduction in fuel costs.

Over the last decade, the enjoyment of the sub has been extended to a broader audience, typically fitting between one to six people providing family and friends to experience the dive together. They have become increasingly prominent in the yachting world. The trend for larger superyachts has allowed owners to dedicate more real estate to submarine storage. Submarine design development has accelerated, and they are now a comfortable size while being lightweight enough for owners to dock them on and off a yacht easily. Historically, passengers boarded the sub while it was sitting on the deck and hoisted overboard. The launch and recovery of submarines required man-rated cranes and significant infrastructure aboard a ship.

The TRITON 1650/3 LP will take a pilot and two passengers to 500 meters feet (1,640 feet) in total comfort. At only 5.9 feet in height (1.8 meters), with a modest crane weight of only 8,800 pounds (4,000 kilograms), this model is ideal for superyacht tender garages. The Triton facilitates up to 12 hours of endurance. The single lift point allows it to be launched using existing tender cranes, further facilitating integration onboard a superyacht. Triton also builds subs that can carry six people plus, and recently delivered a submarine to hold 24 passengers for a client in Vietnam. 041b061a72


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