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GTA San Andreas XBOX Patched Default.xbe

Fix for gta sa pal (Only for pal consoles) fix the reboot issue when you run gta sa. there two versions of default.xbe one output 480i work only with composite cable, the other patched output 480p work only with component cable.

GTA San Andreas XBOX patched default.xbe


I saw this gta Anniversary Edition for xbox in Theisozone. i tried the gta vice city with included modified default.xbe but it doesn't work. It hang in loading screen. (Dirty disc message appear)., the problem when you changed the title image (bitmap) you changed a wrong hex inside default.xbe

but for gta san andreas. i tried back in day it works very well. but sometimes the names of cars and cities doesn't appear in the screen.. i cheked the fonts.txd and i have found that resolution of textures are 1024x1024 and the max resolution for xbox is 512x512.


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