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Qayamat Hi Qayamat Full Marathi Movie

Vicky Ranawat is one of the known director, writer and producer in Indian film industry. He did a lot of work in Tv shows, Ad films and Documentaries as director, He started producing his own movies at his early age.Early life and background: He took birth in a Rajput family at Mewar, Rajasthan. He completed his studies from BN College Udaipur. His ancestors were Maharana Pratap's great grandfather Rana a cursory glance: after completion of his studies,he came to Mumbai, He assisted many great directors in more than 30films. later on as according to Rajputana blood he took decision to write and direct movie, he wrote and directed the movie 15th August as a debut, which gained him many acclaims. He continued his work and started to expand his limits in Hindi film industry. He directed and produced many films like 15th August, Nyaydatta, Deewana Sanam, Jawala dakku, Dal- The Gang, Kaboo, Shudra, Thodi Masti Thodi Dhoom, Haseena, Satya Sai Baba, Qayamat Hi Qayamat, Haseena2, Diary of mary Gomez etc and there is many more to come in 2020. Apart from directing movie he directed many TVC advertisements, music albums, Documentaries, Tv shows beside this he is also involved in so many committees in the favor to do help and introduce needy to the right way, he is a jury members of the Rajasthan film festival and executive member of Indian motion Picture association (IMPPA) since 2004-2019.He is the member of given committees.1.24 hours emergency committee,2.Title registration committee 3.Publicity Screening committee,4.Censor matters committee, 5.Producers grievance cell in house settlement, 6.Membership scrutiny and guidance committee 7. Office administration committee, 8.Shows and Events committee, 9.Media Publicity and Public relations committee,10.Matters related to Music channels and UFO ,11.Committee dealing with Legal matters, 12.Committee dealing with Gov. matters and Piracy 13.Sub. committee for monitoring and implementing of sub Committee and E.C. 14.TV Programming committee, 15.Title committee of IMPPA, 16.Trustee of IMPPA walefare trust, 17.Gujrati film committee 18.marathi film committee,19.Bhojpuri film committee, 20.Member of join Tribunal committee (IMPPA FWICE).

Qayamat Hi Qayamat full marathi movie

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Harry Fernandes, who is a native of Barkur but is fluent in Hindi, Bhojpuri and Marathi says, "Though I have directed movies in eight different language, this Konkani movie gives me great satisfaction. Hhere people recognize me as their own man. The fun I get in directing Konkani movie is completely different. We have got a very good crew from Mumbai, and the best possible artistes. People have lots of expectation from us, and hopefully, we will come up with the best for the people." 350c69d7ab


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